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With Recognition approaching, we were asked by the Class of 2015 if we could reach out to graduates for some words of wisdom or motivation to include in a presentation to cadets. You can help them out by answering the question below.

While you're sharing, we'd also like to hear your thoughts on various other topics. It would be great to refresh some of our publications and website content with new first-hand quotes.

Air Force Academy grads and proud family members are never at a loss for words, right? So answer below or select a topic of interest on the right and let us know what you think! We appreciate your feedback, and we are proud to further trumpet the strong voice of our members within those Academy discussions.

  • What did Recognition mean to you, and why was it important?

    Name / Class:  
    City, State:  

  • No fields are required. We thank you for sharing your thoughts. We are gathering this feedback for use in various publications, websites, or presentation of information on these subjects. By responding, you are agreeing to allow us to use your answers for those intended purposes. If you do not wish to be identified with your quote, you do not have to provide your name to submit answers. All written submissions are subject to editing. Contact information provided will only be used if needed to answer any questions or follow-up on more details. Thanks!

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